Seasonal eating, courtesy of ‘A Platter of Figs’ by David Tanis

Look what I found at my local charity shop.

In perfect condition too. I’d be surprised if this little beauty has ever even been flicked through.  That makes me sad, especially when I read through the pages.  It’s all about eating with the seasons and eating with and cooking for friends.  It’s about the joy of eating the freshest produce at its very best; and doing so in good company.

This is not about fancy, show off cooking.  As David says ‘Simplicity is key’ he advises leaving fussy food to restaurants with paid chefs and dishwashers.  Take this for an example:

‘Start with a few slices of raw fennel and a plate of olives.  Then bring me a beautiful bowl of steaming pasta with garlic and oil.  For dessert a just-ripe pear and some aged Parmigiano.  A simple menu.  Early autumn.’

Oh yes please!

Really what could be better, than eating delicious simple food when nature intended? On a walking holiday in Provence, I remember stopping to pick and eat figs direct from the tree.  Wow, I can still remember the intense sweet flavour, absolutely nothing like what I’ve had from the supermarkets in England.  When I got back home friends and colleagues asked how my holiday was, I said ‘great, I ate figs straight from a tree!’  I got a few strange looks, but who cares?

I haven’t tried the menus yet, but I’m inspired to hunt out the freshest seasonal produce and put my veg box delivery to good use this week.

The book is arranged in menus suitable for 8 to 10 diners, but can easily be scaled up or down.  The menus are grouped according to the four seasons. How about this for a simple yet delicious sounding summer menu:

* Shaved summer squash with summer blossoms

* Grilled halibut with Indian spices and yellow tomatoes

* Peaches in wine

Just as soon as my balcony grown courgettes and tomatoes come through and I can find some ripe peaches at the market, I’ll be putting this one to the test. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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  1. Love eating fresh things that are in season. They really are so much better.


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