Raw vegan energy balls

These are so easy, so tasty and so so healthy.  I gave one to my totally non-health food eating, non-vegan boyfriend and even he loved them.

They are totally based on those fantastic but expensive raw fruit and nut bars that are so popular now, such as Lara bars, which seem to longer exist in the UK L.  If anyone reading has any influence over such things, then please, please bring them back, although actually after figuring out how to do it myself, maybe I’ll be OK in Lara bar free world.

Ok, so here it is, this is how simple they are.  All you need is a small handful of nuts (I used almonds, because that’s what I had to hand) and full handful of dates.  Just the dates and nuts work just great.  For my second batch, I added a scant teaspoon of raw unsweetened cocoa and a little unsweetened shredded coconut. Perfect.

Ready your food processor, tip in your nuts, pulse until you they are ground down to fairly small pieces, not down to a flour like consistency, go for more like bulgur wheat.  Empty those out into a bowl.  Now pulse up the dates, they’ll end up clumped together and very sticky.  Add the nuts back along with the cocoa, lightly pulse.  I then emptied it all out into a bowl, squished the mixture together a bit more and shaped into little balls.  For the sack of prettiness really, I then rolled them around in a little pile of shredded coconut.  You could of course shape into bar shapes, but balls are easier, and I think more fun!

Has anyone else tried making these kind of bars?  If so please share your combinations.


6 responses to this post.

  1. How easy! I can’t wait to try these!!


  2. I made these before as well and they are super yummy! Also try dried apricots or cranberries to add to the mix of nuts and dates.


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