Cucumber, apple and basil smoothie

This is an Olympics inspired smoothie.  Watching the start of the athletics this morning inspired me to go for a long run.  I ran through the streets and my beautiful local park, soaking up the sunshine and imagining myself as the next great Team GB runner – anything is possible!

I came back in the mood for a green smoothie.  With no spinach, my usual green smoothie base, in the fridge, I had to get creative with what I did have.  And so the cucumber, apple and basil smoothie was born.  It actually worked really well – a lovely summery, cleansing kind of a taste.

Green smoothies are so easy and so healthy, I don’t know why everyone isn’t making and drinking them all the time.  Well I guess everyone is different, and that’s cool with me.  But please try a green smoothie – you’ll be a convert I’m sure.  All you need is a green of some sort,  spinach is the classic green to use, and a fruit or two, throw in  a blender, blend, pour into a glass, drink and feel the glow!  Simple!

Here’s the detail for a cucumber, apple and basil smoothie

Gather together your three ingredients.


Chop up the cucumber and apple, skin and all, but not the apple core.  Put the cucumber in your blender, with a little water to help it along.

Whizz for a couple of minutes.  The add the basil leaves and top with the apple pieces.

Whizz for another couple of minutes.

There you go, done!

I had mine along side my favourite sandwich – hummus and cherry jam (see here for more on that)



What’s your favourite smoothie?


11 responses to this post.

  1. I love me a blend of banana, mango, strawberry and coconut milk. 🙂


  2. Hummus and cherry jam sandwhich. Mmm…never heard of that. Looks delicious! So does the smoothie. The pictures are lovely. My favorite smoothie….that’s a tough one. I’m a big fan of strawberry or berry anything. Thanks for the yummy idea!


  3. I am definitely one of those people drinking green smoothies all the time 🙂 So good. This combo sounds delicious and so simple, love it!


  4. I love green smoothies (made with kale especially)!! I once made a DELICIOUS smoothie that wasn’t nearly as healthy as this one with chocolate milk, a banana, and natural peanut butter. YUM!
    That smoothie looks really energizing…kudos to you for posting your own recipe! (I keep wanting to experiment but usually end up using other people’s creations on my blog!!)
    You’re right, the Olympics are very inspiring. But I find they also have a tendency to make me feel really out of shape. 😉


  5. Humm Basil .. Thats something different .. Maybe I have to give it a whirl one day … I always use Organic Baby Spinach … Thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. The basil works, honest!


  7. I’m not usually a fan of green smoothies but this sounds wonderfully clean and light.


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