While the cat’s away…the mice eat salad

So when the other half is out with the boys and have my home to myself, how does a wild and crazy chick like myself spend it?

Well first off, I fixed myself a delicious and easy cheats salad.    I stopped off at Marks and Spencer (apologies to all my non-UK readers who may not have the luxury of an M&S foodhall to enjoy) and picked myself up a tub of ‘Nutty Wholefood Super Salad’  an amazing mix of quinoa, veggies, nuts, beans and dried fruit in a soy and ginger dressing.  Try it, it’s delicious and oh so healthy.  I served this on top of some lettuce leafs, cucumber slices and shredded beetroot, along with a dollop of hummus, because a day with out hummus just isn’t right!


While no one was there to see I settled down to an hour of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  Am I the only one who is addicted to this show?  I snacked on a few too many chocolate covered raisins at the same time.


After speaking to my parents on the phone, I settled down to browse my favourite food and photography websites.  Here’s a few you might like as well:







And of course much time was spent drooling over foodgawker!



6 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve just recently discovered the M&S Super Nutty Wholefood salad too. Delicious!


  2. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is amazing, but I honestly think it is impossible for me to make it through that show without sobbing by the end!


  3. Chocolate covered raisins sound heavenly.


  4. Love that show. Always makes me cry!


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