What a great foodie pen pal

It’s Foodie Pen Pal time of the month again.  This month I was very lucky to receive a parcel from the lovely Rebecca Doyle.

There was so much inside.

Most of the contents were home-made, which makes it so much better.  The little silver bottle is a mix of lemon verbena, lemon vodka and lemon thyme vermouth – wow sounds amazing, I’ll save it for the weekend though!

Rebecca also included freshly ground spices to make Chai tea. Also included were two roasted sunflower and pumpkin seed mixes. Cannot wait to try these.  The real stars for me were Chocolate and pistachio biscotti; and vanilla marshmallow with white chocolate and toasted coconut.

Both were sampled almost immediately after opening and both were delicious.

Thank you Rebecca, for all the love you obviously put into this.

I have a touch of the lurgies today, so I’m off to try out the chai tea and maybe a couple of medicinal marshmallows too!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Wonderful! Where does Rebecca live?


  2. Gosh. How lovely. I need a food pen pal!!! 🙂


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