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Rainy days and nice surprises

So the t-shirts and sunglasses are packed away for another year, and the rain is coming down in bucket loads.

But I have to say I love this time of year.  Ok, so I can’t have my morning coffee in my favourite place on the balcony, because the seats all rain soaked!

But there’s long walks finishing by the open fire in a cosy little pub; home made soup; jumpers and family nights in playing board games or watching a movie to look forward to.

I big bowl of steaming butternut squash with a big ole slice of cheese in toast got me perfectly in the mood for such things today.

Do you ever find that you can be feeling a little like you’re on ‘go slow’ mode, only to be transformed by a hot feeling meal?  This totally happened to me today – I just couldn’t get myself going this morning, then after this lunch I became unstoppable and ploughed through my to-do list like a woman possessed.

As I was happily going about my tasks the doorbell.  What a lovely delivery – a box full of Dorset Cereals.  Thank you lovely people in Dorset for sending me such a lovely selection of my favourites and a couple I haven’t tried before.  They run a photo competition and pick their ten favourites each month, who receive lots of cereal.  To a someone trying to improve their photography who also happens to be a cereal monster, it’s the perfect competition!

What a collection!  Check out the bowl, ready to go a soon as I put the camera down 😉