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Time for a little peace


This is where I go to refresh my mind and feel remind my myself how lucky I am to be alive.





While the cat’s away…the mice eat salad

So when the other half is out with the boys and have my home to myself, how does a wild and crazy chick like myself spend it?

Well first off, I fixed myself a delicious and easy cheats salad.    I stopped off at Marks and Spencer (apologies to all my non-UK readers who may not have the luxury of an M&S foodhall to enjoy) and picked myself up a tub of ‘Nutty Wholefood Super Salad’  an amazing mix of quinoa, veggies, nuts, beans and dried fruit in a soy and ginger dressing.  Try it, it’s delicious and oh so healthy.  I served this on top of some lettuce leafs, cucumber slices and shredded beetroot, along with a dollop of hummus, because a day with out hummus just isn’t right!


While no one was there to see I settled down to an hour of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.  Am I the only one who is addicted to this show?  I snacked on a few too many chocolate covered raisins at the same time.


After speaking to my parents on the phone, I settled down to browse my favourite food and photography websites.  Here’s a few you might like as well:

And of course much time was spent drooling over foodgawker!