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Why are women scared of chocolate?

It makes me mad and sad at the same time when women beat themselves up over what they eat.  What a waste of brain space.

I’ve pretty much managed to overcome such thoughts myself and most days eat delicious food that makes me feel good – lots of healthy plant based food that leaves me energised and happy plus plenty of treats along the, because well life’s too short to miss out the treats.  Every now and again those unhealthy ‘if I go on a diet and lose weight, life will be better’ thoughts cross my mind.  I’ve learned to bat them away, because really I know that being a few pounds lighter won’t improve my relationships, get me a promotion, or make my a better person in any way.

I wish all women could break free from such thoughts, and sometimes I think it’s really not such a problem.  But then, I have an experience that gets me all mad again.  Yesterday I went to a meeting, with five other women, we all had to wait in reception around a coffee table filled with tea, coffee, soft drinks, a rather sad looking fruit bowl, and plate of very fancy  chocolate biscuits.  I arrived last, during a conversation about the biscuits, one of the women was saying ‘I wish I hadn’t eaten that biscuit, I don’t know why I did, but I only had soup for lunch, so thought it would be ok’.  Much agreement and sad looks came from the other women.  I pretended I hadn’t heard, sat myself down and exclaimed the beauty of the offering especially the biscuits, everyone looked at my like I was crazy!  Later during the meeting hunger struck and I reached forward and picked up a biscuit and got a sympathetic smile from my neighbour!  No harm came to me, I ate the damn thing (which was almost, but not quite, as good as it looked), felt less hungry. and went about my day, end of!  So why the sympathetic look?

Why?  Why do women have to beat themselves up over eating a biscuit?

Wouldn’t life be simpler, if we just listened to our hunger signals and ate what we wanted when we wanted it?  If that”s a fresh salad, great, if that’s a piece of chocolate, even better!